Westland Cable Clan - Pre 4 Party

Last weekend we had another 'tiny' party, or pre four party, a small gathering with 3 of our buddies, named Skiwi (aka Hexie), NiKs and Sigma. Last friday, I, Skiwi, came with the idea to bring a few computers together to play latest great game Carmageddon 2 (which because of several weird problems didnt work *DOH*). NiKs liked the idea and I thought Sigma would like it too, so we had a small party at NiKs' place to have some fun. Not with carmageddon 2 (too bad) but with other great games like Unreal, Quake, Quake 2, Grand Theft Auto and Need for Speed 3. About NFS3, we had some problems due to all the other cars I had installed and the others not. We solved this problem by copying everything from my disk in no-time, long live ethernet, though from sigma to NiKs it went at a speed of +/- 700 K/s and from me to NiKs it went +/- 400 K/s ... thats what you get when you still have an outdated ISA 8 bit ethernet card =)

Here are some pictures from our tiny party...

So this is all folks ! A tiny, probebly the tiniest party we ever had, 1 night + 1 day. We had lots of fun though =) See ya at the next party guys !!

WCC party 1 pictures