Emulating the Philips P2000

The Philips P2000 was a cool homecomputer from the beginning of the eighties (1983 to be exactly) which my dad bought in those days for +/- $350 (700 dutch guilders). I was really excited about having a computer for games and stuff. In 1983 I was eight years and it was for me the first time I ever touched a computer. It was a great computer, having 16 kilobyte of memory and displaying blocky graphics in 8 colors. There was a build in cassette  recorder (small -digital- cassettes, very expensive ;) and 2 rom slots. There were several roms available for textprocessing, programming and graphic presentations (like teletext) and ofcourse the 16 Kb Basic roms, but there was also a 32 Kb and a 64 Kb Basic rom available (only a fraction more expensive). Now we can emulate this great oldie with the emulator called M2000.

If you want to check out this great emulator, then check it out by downloading version 0.6. Some technical information about the P2000 can be read here. If you own a P2000 yourself and want to convert cassettes to msdos files use this program called tape converter.

Games and utilities

All these files are Public Domain/Freeware (there were no commercial games made to my knowledge)

3D Doolhof 2 Arcade game ala pacman 6 Kilobyte Gzip compression
Brickwall Arcade 7 Kilobyte Gzip compression
Componist Music 5 Kilobyte Gzip compression
Elevator Humpie Platform 4 Kilobyte Gzip compression
Errorsoft #1 Arcade 10 Kilobyte Gzip compression
Flightsimulator Flightsim (oh really ;) 19 Kilobyte PKzip compression  
Fraxxon Arcade 15 Kilobyte Gzip compression
Kleurentest Graphical demo 7 Kilobyte PKzip compression  
Lazy bug Arcade 6 Kilobyte PKzip compression  
Machoman Platform 6 Kilobyte PKzip compression  
Monkey Kong Arcade 5 Kilobyte Gzip compression
Snakey Arcade 4 Kilobyte Gzip compression
Space attack Arcade 6 Kilobyte Gzip compression
Space fight Arcade 6 Kilobyte PKzip compression
Space mission Arcade 9 Kilobyte Gzip compression
Speelpalijs Arcade 7 Kilobyte Gzip compression
Startrek ... 7 Kilobyte Gzip compression  

There are more to come in the (near) future, I'm still looking for titles not on this list, so if you have any, please mail me at tieleman@caiw.nl. I will soon add screenshots in the open colomn. Last updated: 28th of december 1998.